OMG A&R is motivated by huge aspirations of great things. Our intention is to be mighty. Although we started in 2016 we are no strangers to the industry. Between our partners we have a combined 40 years of experience from all aspects of the scene. OMG executives are veterans that have a history of relationships developed over years of being actively involved in the entertainment world.

We have one focus. To build a portfolio worthy of music consumers and achieve advancements that will further the careers of those artist we choose to call clients. It’s exciting to find and nurture new talent. It is just as motivating to work with seasoned professionals that still have so much to offer with their life long careers. We value all those that are part of the OMG family. We will work ourselves to exhaustion to realize the goals of our clients. It’s not just talk. It’s literally who we are.


To put it plainly our passion is music.

Our inspiration is the artist.

The art of the deal is what we are good at.

How may we service you?